4th & Pain: Carriker Sings Cena Theme / Heyman and CM Punk / Redskins Teammate Doug Worthington

Adam Carriker sings John Cena's hits!

Adam Carriker sings John Cena's hits!

Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll are back with Fourth and Pain . . . and a day early at that!

This week, Adam attempts to launch his singing career with a stirring rendition of John Cena’s theme song. Seriously, you have to listen to the outtakes!

Adam and Chuck were also joined by Doug Worthington, who also plays defensive end for the Washington Redskins.

Doug shared his passion for pro wrestling and revealed he’s a big fan of Harlem Heat. Chuck is on board with at least half of that tag team.

The guys recap Monday Night Raw and the return of Paul Heyman. Great move to see the former head of ECW back in the mix with Brock Lesnar.

CM Punk gets some praise for his interview skills and the guys are really looking forward to his match against Daniel Bryan at WWE Over the Limit.

Plus, what would happen if wrestlers would be given an offseason? Would the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” philosophy apply to those in the WWE Universe who chant “Cena Sucks?”

Also on the plate, the guys unveil their new website as well as the Fourth and Pain Facebook page and official Twitter account.


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First Down

Welcome back to WWE Paul Heyman! CM Punk is great on the mic and more.

Second Down

Adam’s teammate, Doug Worthington, joins the boys to share his fondness for pro wrestling and affinity for Harlem Heat.

Third Down

Should wrestlers be given an offseason? Would that help John Cena?

Fourth Down

Adam Carriker’s singing debut! Mailbag questions: If Mike Shanahan were a wrestler, who would he be? Which pro wrestler would Adam like to have on the Redskins roster? NFL concussion debate and more.

Bonus Outtakes!

A MUST LISTEN! Outtakes from Adam’s attempt to do Cena’s theme!