What Now for Ryback After Hell in a Cell? Plus, Jake ‘The Snake’ On Comeback Trail

How does a Washington Redskins player deal with a hurricane while still recovering from six-week old knee surgery, two young children and a pregnant wife? We find out on a soggy Tuesday edition of 4th & Pain.

Adam Carriker gives us an update from Ashburn, while Chuck Carroll provides the scoop from a hotel a short distance from FedEx Field.

The rest of the show was spent talking about WWE’s Hell in a Cell.

Ryback is no longer undefeated, but it’s because of a low blow from a referee at WWE Hell in a Cell. Does that cheapen what he was?

Meanwhile, C.M. Punk is still the champion, but these two definitely have a way to go in the feud.

The Big Show is the new champion, but for how long? Carriker and Chuck think one or two pay per views, tops. We’ll see.

All of that, plus Jake “The Snake” Roberts on the comeback trail thanks to DDP! And a Hurricane Sandy hits D.C. just in time for Halloween! How is this Washington Redskins defensive end coping with the windy, soggy and stormy conditions?