BCS and Big 10 Shakeup! Notre Dame Controls Title Destiny; Maryland Is Making a Mistake

College Football Day!

It’s a double-dose of 4th & Pain!

The BCS had quite the shakeup this week with the top two teams falling and Notre Dame jumping up to the top spot in the standing. Also, just two weeks after being written out of the title picture, Alabama finds their national title hopes very much alive by virtue of the Kansas State and Oregon losses. The Crimson Tide are now second in the BCS standing.

The question is whether they’ll be able to stave off a hungry Georgia Bulldog squad in the SEC Title Game to earn a shot to play for all the marbles.

Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll also give their latest BCS Bowl projections.

After taking off their prognostication hats, the 4th & Pain hosts turned their attention to the shakeups in the Big 10. Does Carriker really want Maryland and Rutgers in his beloved conference? The Terrapins don’t seem like a natural rival for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Nor do the Scarlet Knights for that matter.

Both tee off on schools trashing history in hopes of a more lucrative future. But the truth is by severing ties with the past, their future fortunes are more like mediocre salaries.

Schools — Maryland a prime example — can find a balance between moving forward and honoring the past. Tradition is the best part of college sports. The folks at College Park are the latest to forget that fact.