London Fletcher Gets the Belt / Peyton Pulse / Bloopers!

Chuck Carroll presents London Fletcher with the WWE title as 4th & Pain Champion.

It’s a hodge-podge end of the week on 4th and Pain.

Chuck Carroll headed out to Redskins Park to present this week’s champion, London Fletcher, with the WWE title belt. Fletcher, if you’ll recall, took his funny pills prior to joining the show for a full interview earlier in the week. He and Adam Carriker had a friendly exchange over small feet and being vertically challenged.


In other show news, the guys hadn’t released any bloopers in a while! So, here are 90 seconds worth of behind the scenes, one-take-wonders!

Lastly, Angie Carriker joined the show once again to give The Peyton Pulse.

Rather than center around Peyton Manning’s on-field performance, she and guys talked about the infamous autograph incident in the parking lot after the Denver Broncos downed the Kansas City Chiefs last weekend. Chiefs running back Jammal Charles wanted Manning’s signature, got it and promptly caused a firestorm.

But was all of the scrutiny warranted? Adam Carriker sheds some light on the do’s and don’ts of autograph seeking among players.

The audio is below.

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