Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama in WWE Match: Who Would Win? — Survivor Series Changes

Grudge Match: Who would win?

If Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were to step inside the squared circle for WWE, who would win?

That is question answered on this Election Day 2012 edition of 4th & Pain with Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and former wrestling announcer, turned weight loss champion Chuck Carroll.

The way the guys see it, there is no way this match ends cleanly. It’s politics, after all!

But we’re not talking about outside weapons or cheating referees, we’re talking about entire locker room clearing brawls as the two presidential candidates duke it out. Carriker must have called for outside interference from at least half the current WWE roster and a half-dozed Hall of Famers in his scenario!

Carroll thinks the whole thing starts with an in-ring beer summit hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austion. Obama enjoys a cold one with the Texas Rattlesnake while Romney sips a soft drink. From there it’s all downhill with Austin taking each man out and Hulk Hogan running in.

You won’t believe how each of the scenarios finishes and who actually becomes president!

And that leads to another question: Who is with Romney and who is with Obama?!

Meanwhile, back in the real world of professional wrestling, Adam and Chuck go over the changes to the Survivor Series main event. C.M. Punk is now facing John Cena and Ryback in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Title.

The NFL player and weight loss champion give their predictions for the winner and go over the rest of Monday Night Raw.