RGIII Wins 4th & Pain Championship: Talks Heisman Voting, Rookie Wall and Redskins

RGIII Wins The 4th & Pain Title

The Interview

RGIII is presented with the WWE title belt as 4th & Pain Champion by Chuck Carroll.

Robert Griffin III, who had four touchdowns versus no interceptions in a drubbing of the Philadelphia Eagles, was crowned 4th & Pain Champion for Week 11.

He joined Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll on the show this week — having a Redskins player a host can pay dividends.

Griffin says he has no plans to hit the proverbial “rookie wall.” In fact, he flat out said he won’t allow himself to do so.

Despite the long grind in transitioning to the NFL from Baylor, Griffin is feeling pretty good ten games into the season.

“It is a long year. You go straight from bowl games to combine prep. Then you’re trying out for different teams and then you’re off into the NFL offseason program. So, it’s definitely been a long year, but the way I look at it, I can’t afford to hit a rookie wall.”

As a past Heisman Trophy winner Griffin is able to vote on this year’s ballot.

So who does he feel are the top current Heisman hopefuls? As of now Colin Klein and Manti Te’o are the guys, but there are still games to be played.

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