Week 12 NFL Picks with Goldberg . . . Here We Go Again with a Bet

A little over a month after Carriker made a bet with Goldberg — and lost as evidenced by these pictures — Chuck is in danger of stripping down. On the flip side, Goldberg could be bringing back Marky Mark’s ‘Good Vibrations’ look.

Goldberg joins Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll on 4th & Pain to deliver his NFL Week 12 picks.

Sometimes once isn’t enough . . . That’s the case this week as Goldberg and Chuck get involved in a bet just weeks after Carriker paid off his debt by drenching himself in oil and posing in front of his locker at Redskins Park wearing a pair of skimpy black wrestling trunks.

The Bet

San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints

If 49ers win, Chuck must strip down to Goldberg-style wrestling trunks while wearing an Adam Carriker jersey and sunglasses in the media room at Redskins Park.

If the Saints win, Goldberg must do his best Marky Mark imitation by wearing a basketball jersey without an undershirt, a gold chain and backwards hat. Think the “Good Vibrations” music video with the young Mr.Wahlberg in 1991.

Season Standings

Chuck is in first place in the season standings through Week 11. Beginning in Week 5, five games have been picked each week (omitting Week 9 where no picks were officially made).

Chuck: 24
Goldberg: 23
Carriker’s wife: 23
Carriker: 22

Last Week

Last week the pro wrestling icon picked three games correctly and has fallen into a tie for second-place on the season with Angie Carriker, the show’s Peyton Pulse correspondent.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Carriker and Chuck picked all five games correctly.

4th & Pain Pick ‘Em Formula

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  • Upset Pick
  • Lock Pick of the Week

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Your Pick

  • Packers (100%)
  • Giants (0%)

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Packers at Giants

Goldberg: Packers
Adam: Packers
Chuck: Packers
Angie: Giants

Your Pick

  • Panthers (100%)
  • Eagles (0%)

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Panthers at Eagles

Goldberg: Panthers
Adam: Panthers
Chuck: Panthers
Angie: Eagles

The Duels (includes the bet)

Chuck’s Duel with Goldberg: 49ers at Saints
Goldberg’s Pick: 49ers

Goldberg’s Duel with Chuck: 49ers at Saints
Adam’s Pick: Saints

Adams’s Duel with Angie: Seahawks at Dolphins
Angie’s Pick: Seahawks

Angie’s Duel with Adam: 49ers at Saints
Chuck’s Pick: 49ers

Upset Pick

Goldberg: Brons over Steelers
Adam: Rams over Cardinals
Chuck: Buccaneers over Falcons
Angie: Redskins over Cowboys

Lock Pick

Goldberg: Seahawks over Dolphins
Adam: Broncos over Chiefs
Chuck: Broncos over Chiefs
Angie: Broncos over Chiefs