WWE Survivor Series Changes & College Bowl Predictions: Oregon vs. K-State; Nebraska vs. Notre Dame

Oregon (credit: Carol Munro)

It’s nearly the most wonderful time of the year. No, not Christmas… Bowl season.

Alabama’s loss to Texas A&M has thrown a major wrinkle into the projected pairings. Nonetheless, Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll set out to make their predictions for where everybody will wind up in January.

But before they go bowling, Carriker and Chuck had a little unfinished WWE Survivor Series business to wrap up. The pair wanted to make some changes to their fantasy rosters and want YOU to vote on who has the better team.

Carriker dropped Daniel Bryan in favor of The Rock. Chuck dropped The Miz in favor of Randy Orton.

So… who has the better team?

Team Carriker

The Undertaker
Brock Lesnar
Triple H
The Rock

Team Chuck

John Cena
C.M. Punk
Randy Orton
Big Show

Which team is better?

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College Bowl Predictions

The Rose Bowl may cause a little splinter in the co-host faction as Carriker’s alma mater, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, may go head to head with Chuck’s beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

BCS Title Game

Adam: Oregon vs. Kansas State
Chuck: Oregon vs. Kansas State

Rose Bowl

A: Nebraska vs. Notre Dame
C: Nebraska vs. Notre Dame

Fiesta Bowl

A: Oklahoma vs. Florida
C: Oklahoma vs. LSU

Orange Bowl

A: Florida State vs. Rutgers
C: Florida State vs. Louisville

Sugar Bowl

A: Alabama vs. Clemson
C: Alabama vs. Clemson