Goldberg Makes Week 14 NFL Picks; The Wagers Keep Coming

Goldberg (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Goldberg continues to lead the pack in picking games this season on 4th & Pain. He and Angie “Peyton Pulse” Carriker went five-for-five with their picks last week. She has jumped out to a one-point lead over her husband for second place while Chuck Carroll remains in the basement.

You can pick the Sunday and Monday night games with the crew! How do your picks stack up to ours?

Of course, what segment with Goldberg would be complete without a bet? This time the guys are wagering having to wear each other’s jerseys on the outcome of the Nebraska vs. Georgia Capital One Bowl.

4th & Pain Pick ‘Em Formula

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  • Monday Night Game
  • Duel Pick
  • Upset Pick
  • Lock Pick of the Week
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Your Pick

  • Packers (83%)
  • Lions (17%)

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Lions at Packers

Goldberg: Packers
Adam: Packers
Chuck: Packers
Angie: Packers

Your Pick

  • Texans (71%)
  • Patriots (29%)

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Texans at Patriots

Goldberg: Texans
Adam: Texans
Chuck: Texans
Angie: Patriots

Upset Pick

Goldberg: Vikings over Bears
Adam: Rams over Bills
Chuck: Saints over Giants
Angie: Cowboys over Bengals

Lock Pick

Goldberg: Seahawks over Cardinals
Adam: Seahawks over Cardinals
Chuck: 49ers over Dolphins
Angie: 49ers over Dolphins

The Duels

Goldberg’s Duel with Adam: Chargers at Steelers
Adam’s Pick: Steelers

Adam’s Duel with Goldberg: Chargers at Steelers
Goldberg’s Pick: Chargers

* Chuck’s Duel with Angie: Jets at Jaguars
Angie’s Pick: Jets

* Angie’s Duel with Chuck: Jets at Jaguars
Chuck’s Pick: Jets