Redskins vs. Giants Preview / Bowl Crap Series and Its Flaws

BCS What?

Washington Redskins defensive end and former wrestling announcer, turned weight loss champion, Chuck Carroll debate the merits of the BCS system. With Northern Illinois in the mix, the nation is again crying that blatant flaws need to be corrected.

Can the playoff system come soon enough? Absolutely not.

Interestingly, Carriker and Chuck ponder whether the forthcoming four-team playoff will be enough to settle the debate of establishing a true national champion.

And yes, the crew took time to discuss the drubbing Nebraska took courtesy of Wisconsin in the Big 10 title game. Carriker was less than pleased.

Redskins vs. Giants Preview

Robert Griffin III (credit: Keith Allison)

For the third time in as many weeks the Redskins are facing a divisional opponent AND are playing the biggest game of the Mike Shanahan era.

The New York Giants come to town and can all but wrap up the division with a victory, but the Redskins can make it a one-game race with four to play if they can send Eli Manning and company back home with a loss.

Carriker is able to shed some light on how a player is impacted by playing at night. In his eyes, it’s best to play a game at 1 p.m. so a guy can get up and go play. The waiting around all afternoon can take its toll — especially when heading to the stadium and it’s already dark.

What about that talk out of the Giants locker room that the defense is shaking in their boots about facing Robert Griffin III for a second time?

Carriker says although they’re playing it up a bit, there is also a lot of truth to that. He told Chuck that going up against RGIII was just “annoying” because you didn’t know what you’re going to get from one play to the next. He consistently keeps defenses on their toes, which makes him so dangerous.