Week 15 NFL Picks with Goldberg / Stephen Bowen Interview: ‘You’re Frodo’

Goldberg (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

What should Goldberg make Chuck Carroll do? He lost a bet more than a month ago and is yet to pay up! In fact, Chuck backed down from the initial challenge of parading around in the media room at Redskins Park in Goldberg’s trunks and Adam Carriker’s jersey.

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On the serious tip, Angie Carriker, Adam’s wife and host of the Peyton Pulse, has pulled even with Goldberg for the season lead in picks. Adam trails the frontrunners by three games while Chuck is five back.

Then, in one of the more bizarre interviews you’ll ever see, Redskins defensive lineman Stephen Bowen joins the show and tries to gang up on Chuck with Carriker.

Bowen has shamelessly taken to calling Chuck “Frodo Braggins” — a reference to the host’s small stature. At one point, Chuck took the name calling to heart, left the locker room and promptly got a haircut. It wasn’t so much that he’s a wuss… it was just, well, Bowen is a hell of a lot bigger than him.

But on this show, Chuck did his best to ward off two overgrown behemoths as they launched their attack.

Jokes aside, the trio turned their attention to the Redskins, the injury to Robert Griffin III and Carriker’s absence on the line this season.

Here are this week’s picks…

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49ers at Patriots

Goldberg: Patriots
Adam: Patriots
Chuck: Patriots
Angie: Patriots

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Jets at Titans

Goldberg: Titans
Adam: Jets
Chuck: Jets
Angie: Jets

Upset Pick

Goldberg: Buccaneers over Saints
Adam: Vikings over Rams
Chuck: Vikings over Rams
Angie: Vikings over Rams

Lock Pick

Goldberg: Texans over Colts
Adam: Texans over Colts
Chuck: Seahawks over Bills
Angie: Raiders over Chiefs

The Duels

Goldberg’s Duel with Chuck: Giants at Falcons
Chuck’s Pick: Giants

Chuck’s Duel with Goldberg: Giants at Falcons
Goldberg’s Pick: Falcons

* Adams’s Duel with Angie: Steelers at Cowboys
Angie’s Pick: Steelers

* Angie’s Duel with Adam: Buccaneers at Saints
Adam’s Pick: Saints