5 Redskins Who Will Appear In Next Year’s Pro Bowl / Injury Update with Adam’s Wife

Fun Fact: Adam Carriker plays with the Wii Remote without the wrist strap on; Living Dangerously.

Alfred Morris and Chuck Carroll

The Pro Bowl, although not the most sought out game played in the NFL, it’s still an honor and privilege to be chosen to not only represent your team, but your position. This year was a good year for the Washington Redskins, sending 5 players, although one of them unfortunately, Robert Griffin III, is injured and won’t be making the trip. Those who are waking up in Hawaii are Trent Williams (LT), Ryan Kerrigan (OLB), London Fletcher (ILB) and Lorenzo Alexander (ST). We would like to extend a congratulations to them all, and already start the conversation of who could star in next years Pro Bowl from the Redskins.

The biggest name that somehow got snubbed; Alfred Morris. He did get a nod as an alternate but deserved to be a starter after having such a phenomenal year. He finished second in rushing yards (1,613) behind the inhuman Adrian Peterson, and 13 rushing touchdowns. In other words, easily one of the best in the league this year. Other names to make an appearance; Pierre Garcon, Kai Forbath, and a few names on defense that some people might have overlooked such as; Rob Jackson and Perry Riley. If you think there may be some other players not mentioned, or just agree with our selections, please let us know.

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The Pulse

Last week, Angie Carriker made a recommendation that we change the name from Peyton Pulse (he flatlined in the Divisional Round) and simply call it; The Pulse. Well, it has stuck and she joins us once again to give her insight about someone she has a close connection with, and that man would be none other then your host, Adam Carriker.

Adam Carriker was injured in the start of the season and had to get surgery which put him out of commission for quite awhile, partaking in rehab. Angie shares on how difficult it was in the beginning due to her being pregnant and Adam still fresh from surgery. She also uses a great analogy for Adam’s progression, he started out as a baby and has progressed, and currently in the Teenage stage. Chuck listens attentively, listening for information that he could use against Adam, but Adam uses the time to show his immense appreciation for all Angie has done for him, and it wouldn’t be a 4th And Pain show if he didn’t get in that one last shot.