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Chuck Carroll presents Alfred Morris with the WWE title belt as a four-time 4th & Pain champion.

It’s the first new show of the year, but a familiar champion from 2012 joins the fray. Alfred Morris is crowned 4th & Pain Champion for the fourth time this season — this time thanks to his 200-yard, three touchdown performance against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17.

Morris talks openly about the Redskins remarkable turnaround to win seven straight games and win their first division title since 1999. He spoke of the conversation he had with Clinton Portis prior to kickoff. Morris says Portis told him he wanted him to break the franchise record for most rushing yards in a season… and he did.

Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll got Morris’ early thoughts on the Seattle Seahawks, whom the team will host in the opening round of the playoffs this weekend.

Plus, Morris reveals his choices for the five greatest pro wrestlers of all time. Interestingly, X-Pac made the list.

BCS Revolution


A few weeks after the initial release, Adam Carriker revisits his plan for overhauling college football’s broken BCS system.

Having noticed the college football system is flawed at a young age, Carriker has spent the better part of 15 years developing a revolutionary concept that would help eliminate the all too frequent controversy that comes with crowning an undisputed national champion.

The Washington Redskins defensive end believes to rectify the situation, you must fix a diluted BCS base, trimming down the number of elite football schools to 64. Those schools would be comprised of teams from the six current BCS conferences.

From there, a committee of ten of the most respected minds in college football would be appointed to oversee the bowl pairings, playoff teams and serve as arbiters of unforeseen obstacles and complications. A 70-percent majority is needed for all decisions made by the committee.


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