College Coaches with NFL Success / Aces & 8′s vs. The Shield

Some college coaches, such as Barry Switzer and Jimmy Johnson, are easily able to transition to the NFL and taste success. For others, such as Pete Carroll, it takes a few tries before they can get on the right track. And then there are the the Steve Spurrier’s of the world who are just better suited for NCAA ranks.

Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll explore what it takes to make the leap with a specific eye on Chip Kelly who passed on a chance to move up to the pro level to remain at the University of Oregon.

It’s an interesting segment if you’ve ever wondered what the difference between pro and college-style coaching truly is.

Aces & 8′s vs. The Shield

In the wrestling segment, is there a connection between the timing of The Shield’s debut in WWE and how it is competing with the Aces & 8′s storyline in TNA? The competing invasions seem to be a little more a coincidence to Chuck. Carriker disagrees.

The two then turn their attentions to who the leader of the TNA-based biker gang is. Carriker has a bombshell suggestion — Matt Hardy.