Goldberg’s NFL Playoff Picks / Top 5 WWE Wrestlers on Mic / TNA Impact Preview

Goldberg (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

It’s that time of the week again to discuss some more NFL Playoffs and for Goldberg to call in to make his picks for the Championship games. It’s a tight race in the playoff standings; Chuck Carroll is leading with 13 points, Adam Carriker and his wife, Angie are tied at 12 points, along with the fans, and Goldberg is right on their tails with 11 points.

Last week, Goldberg redeemed himself by picking 3 out of 4 picks correctly and has a chance to take the lead because the Championship games are worth 4 points. Goldberg backs the Atlanta Falcons, believing what the 49ers did to the Packers won’t happen again; but Goldberg could be alone on this pick. Over on the AFC side of the NFL, the Patriots are the chosen one thanks to their strong streak in the playoffs and of course, that Tom Brady guy.

We want one fan to pick with us each week to represent all 4th & Pain listeners. We’ll choose one listener at random to be included in our picks.

To participate, tweet your picks to @4thAndPain using the hashtag #GoldbergPicks.


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  • 49ers (100%)
  • Falcons (0%)

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49ers at Falcons

Goldberg: Falcons
Adam: 49ers
Chuck: 49ers
Angie: 49ers

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  • Ravens (50%)
  • Patriots (50%)

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Ravens at Patriots

Goldberg: Patriots
Adam: Patriots
Chuck: Patriots
Angie: Patriots

Ending the segment, Chuck, Adam and Goldberg talk about Robert Griffin III and his surgery and their experiences with Dr. Andrews and going under the knife.

Top 5 on the Mic in WWE History

Wrestling is more than utterly destroying your opponent(s) in the ring, it’s using that special time with the mic to excite the crowd, swoon over some fans and generate some heat. Last summer, in the early stages of 4th and Pain, Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll did a segment pertaining to the top 5 Mic Workers of all time. In just one year, both of their lists have altered , and one omission from Chuck’s list has Adam sighing with relief; so let the discussion begin!

Adam Carriker

5) Ric Flair
4) Chris Jericho
3) John Cena
2) The Rock
1) “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Chuck Carroll

5) Mick Foley
4) Chris Jericho
3) The Rock
2) CM Punk
1)“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Adam Carriker, the “TNA guy”, breaks down what’s been happening on Impact, including the recent Triple Threat Elimination match in which Hardy came out victorious and the craziness of Bully Ray marrying Brooke Hogan. Chuck Carroll chimes in on his speculations about Aces & Eights, Joseph Park/Abyss, and all the other madness of Total Nonstop Action Impact. Make sure not to miss any of the action, and stay tuned to 4th and Pain for the recap!