Tackling the Manti Te’o Scandal / Was Tebow As Effective as Peyton in Denver?

Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll discuss the Manti Te’o situation and the possible reasons for the hoax surrounding a non-existent dead girlfriend.

The effect of the scandal can have an enormous impact on his NFL future. Regardless of whether he’s involved, the Notre Dame linebacker needs to break his silence on the issue.

AFC & NFC Championships

Manti Te’o (credit: James Chicago)

It’s finally come, the deciding Sunday of which teams will make it into the Super Bowl; the NFC and AFC Championship. In the NFC, the Atlanta Falcons are hosting the San Francisco 49ers, who just had their way with the Green Bay Packers. Adam Carriker breaks down the keys to the games and one key element for both teams; containing the quarterback. Atlanta is a threat with their receivers and of course with Tony Gonzalez, while the 49ers have really gotten in sync with Colin Kaepernick and his ability to extend the play or elude the defense. Which defense will be able to stop the dynamic drives?

Further up the coast, the Baltimore Ravens travel north into Foxboro to take on the New England Patriots. The Ravens, with Joe Flacco at the helm, have surprised doubters with their offense, while their defense is continuing the “bend don’t break” mentality. Ray Lewis is motivating his team and is seeking revenge from last years Championship game. But on the other side of the field, Tom Brady suits up and brings a dynamic to the game that’s hard to match. Through the use of many different threats, Brady can pick apart defenses. Can the Ravens make Brady struggle and help get Ray Lewis to the Super Bowl?

This weeks topic for the Peyton Pulse is definitely a touchy subject, especially after the Bronco’s disappointing lost to the Ravens. Who had the better season with the Bronco’s in their respective seasons, Peyton Manning or Tim Tebow? Angie is the Peyton Manning expert and she calls in to weigh in on her opinion on the matter while Chuck Carroll tries to throw a curve ball in the discussion. Adam Carriker on the other hand, is quick to point out a flaw in Chuck’s logic which causes the debate to heat up rather quickly. Thanks to Angie and concluding Peyton flatlined after the game, it might just be called The Pulse from here on out!

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