Teams Potentially Interested in Tim Tebow / Adam Gettis Talks Redskins and WWE

Debate / Wildcard

Tebow jersey (credit: bradleygee)

As the offseason progresses, one divine questions till looms in the realm of football; what’s going on with Tim Tebow? Yes, that’s right, a segment dedicated to Tim Tebow and just trying to figure out where he’s going to land, and possibly, which position he will be in. Chuck Carroll makes a drastic prediction on where he will line up on the field, or if it all. On the other hand, Adam Carriker believes there’s still a chance for Tim Tebow.

In a change of pace, the debate changes to College Football and on Nick Saban coming back to the NFL. Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll have differing views on if he should make the leap again back to the pros but they do both agree on one thing; Nick Saban is one of the more dominant coaches in the NCAA.

Special Guest: Adam Gettis

It’s time for our special guest, Adam Gettis, to call into the studio and go over his rookie season as a Washington Redskin, talk about what it’s like to face Adam Carriker and of course discuss WWE, of which he’s a huge fan. Adam Gettis gives an insight on the transition from college to the pros and on what it’s like going against the biggest arms on the defensive line.

Also, the big pay-per-view wrestling events are coming up quickly, so Mr. Gettis talks with Chuck and Mr. Carriker on the recent events that have taken the WWE by storm and of course, his thoughts on the up and coming events that are sure to shock the wrestling nation (and Chuck doesn’t like having 2 Adam’s on the show).