A Refreshing Update from RGIII

RGIII (credit: Keith Allison)

Today on 4th & Pain, Chuck Carroll comes out in his short segment, “What Grinds My Gears.”

He gripes about how news outlets lack creativity and use old news and try to make it anew. This happens quite often in sports media as well, and we’ve seen it when it comes to Washington Redskins quarterback, Robert Griffin III and his injury.

Luckily for his fans, Robert Griffin III has been vocal on his injury and how he won’t compromise his career just to start in week one even after all the talk about how he’s progressing towards that goal. Chuck feels its quite refreshing to hear from RGIII, while Adam believes like Kirk Cousins, who finished off the Ravens and defeated the Browns last year, is more than capable of starting the season in Griffin’s absence.

Adam brings up two names, Adrian Peterson and Derrick Rose, and speaks about how one players success story is an exception to the rule and it indeed varies from player to player.

Making the connection to Rose, Chuck brings up how the injured Chicago Bull had an ad campaign about coming back strong which he still hasn’t been on the court. Now RGIII has begun an campaign with Adidas focused on #allinforweek1.

Did RGIII jinx himself by participating in the ad, or is it just him showing dedication and determination?

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