London Fletcher vs. Ray Lewis: Why The Redskin Is Superior to the Raven

London Fletcher is the new 4th & Pain Champion!

As of recently, there’s been discussion and comparing of two outstanding middle linebackers whom have had hall of fame careers; Baltimore Raven’s Ray Lewis and Washington Redskins London Fletcher.

Fortunately here at 4th and Pain, we’ve got point of views from a currently NFL player and an avid football fan, which gives way to a great discussion on whom each one chooses as the player with the current upper hand.

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Chuck Carroll gives the nod to Ray Lewis bringing up the point that Ray Lewis has some stronger stats such as sack totals over London Fletcher, not to mention the intensity that he showcases the moment he steps out on the field. Adam Carriker, choosing London Fletcher, is quick to point out that London has more tackles despite playing shorter career, and that just because he doesn’t come out of the tunnel with a dance doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to lead the defense to a victory. Let the discussion begin!

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