Player Perspective on NFL Banned Substance Policy

NFL Supplements

Through the playoffs, the Baltimore Ravens, as a team, seem to loom in the shadows of Ray Lewis and the media that follows him, especially those whom twist his words. Chuck Carroll focuses on how people find the negative inside of a positive, which separate the successful people from the content people, in his weekly segment; What Really Grinds My Gears. Adam Carriker agrees and shares his thoughts on how society today is so ken to focus on the negative and unfortunately, forget the positive, uplifting stories.

Ray Lewis was continuously attacked about the whole deer antler spray incident and how players should follow the allowed supplements list put out by the league. But how controlled, or how easy is it to really follow that short list when there’s so many more better products available? Adam Carriker is the perfect person to provide a players perspective on the matter and how much more difficult it can be for a player then one could imagine.