Carriker Reveals the Secrets of Mike Shanahan’s Sexy Haircut

Mike Shanahan

If you’ve ever wondered how Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan keeps his hair so sexy, wonder no more! Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker shares the secrets behind Shanahan’s super-do on 4th & Pain!

It’s that most favorite time of the week where you, our faithful listeners, have sent over your burning questions via Twitter for our gracious host Adam Carriker, to answer; and there are some good questions being asked this week. A few questions came in addressing the Redskins and how things are shaping up on both sides of the ball, including how effective the offense can be with Robert Griffin III’s knee injury and what kind of sack count is Adam looking towards for next year?

Of course, it wouldn’t be one of the best Ask Adam segments without the question for the decades; How does coach Mike Shanahan keep his hair so sexy? Adam Carriker goes through the elaborate process that Coach Shanahan goes through and points out that he doesn’t bother with that shampoo and conditioner, 2-in-1 nonsense, he only goes for top quality, seperate bottled shampoo and conditioner. Plus, you’d be amazed and how many people are involved in keep Coach’s hair so damn sexy.

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