Top 5 Young Quarterbacks in NFL: Is RGIII No. 1?

Robert Griffin III (credit: Keith Allison)

The transition from college to the NFL tends to take a few years, but over the past couple drafts, the NFL has been taken over by the young talent, especially those at the quarterback position. This year alone there were three rookie quarterbacks that took their team to the playoffs. Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll decide to formulate their own lists of who they believe to be the top five young quarterbacks in the NFL. What equates to being a “young quarterback”? Chuck defines it as; no more then three seasons of experience. So anyone currently going into their fourth season passes, but no one after that.

As their lists countdown, Adam and Chuck discuss why they chose each player and it wouldn’t be a 4th And Pain show if there wasn’t some debate between them two. Not to mention, when Chuck drops the bombshell on Adam about his number three pick, Adam has a few choice of words, but Chuck stands his ground with an argument that Redskins fans know all to well. Then Chuck releases his number one pick, which stirs up the pot once again. What are your thoughts on their lists? Who would you put in your top five list?

Let us know what your top five young quarterbacks in the NFL are by tweeting us; @4thAndPain or let Adam (@AdamCarriker94) and Chuck (@TheChuckCarroll) know what you think about their lists!

Adam’s Top 5

5) Cam Newton
4) Colin Kaepernick
3) Russell Wilson
2) Andrew Luck
1) Robert Griffin III

Chuck’s Top 5

5) Cam Newton
4) Andrew Luck
3) Robert Griffin III
2) Russell Wilson
1) Colin Kaepernick