Adam Carriker Talks NFL Rules Changes; Fandango Grinds My Gears

Fandango (credit: 31Stash)

Chuck Carroll has become quite agitated lately and needs to share his thoughts through his popular segment entitled, “What Really Grinds My Gears.”

What has gotten Chuck all riled up this week? Fandango.

No, Chuck’s not angry about movie tickets, or the popular Spanish dance, it’s about the WWE wrestler that has taken the WWE by storm for doing the exact opposite of what a wrestler should be doing; wrestling.

“You’re nobody except for a backstage segment with Chris Jericho who saved you” Chuck says, ranting about Fandango.

Adam, however, does enjoy saying his name repeatedly which is the only thing he really likes about Fandango.

Now that Chuck has cleared his head of Fandango, he transitions over to the NFL and asks Adam his thoughts on the recent rule changes such as the abandonment of the Tuck Rule and that offensive players can’t lead with the crown of their helmet. Both Adam and Chuck agree on getting rid of the Tuck Rule, but differ on a runner using their helmet as a battering ram.

“I’m glad they finally have to be careful and watch out for something, I can’t hit a quarterback here, I can’t hit a quarterback there, I can’t hit this guy there” Adam says on the topic, “It’s about time that they have to be careful, we’re so defenseless on this side of the ball.”

Adam also notes that the NFL replayed games throughout last year looking for violations of the new helmet rule and only found a few plays that would draw a penalty (15 Yards). Chuck still has a hard time understanding how a running back is supposed to lower his shoulders to push through a tackler and not put his head down instinctively. All in all, hopefully it does provide some form of protection for the players so they can carry on a full and healthy life.

On the topic of staying healthy, Chuck also quickly points out that the Read Option is become more popular in each teams playbook, especially San Francisco 49ers, and how it could prove to be a little more dangerous for a quarterback like Robert Griffin III. All Washington Redskin’s fans hope for a speedy and full recovery and that Robert Griffin III will slide or throw it away if the Read Option doesn’t open any running or passing lanes.

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