How The Salary Cap Penalty Won’t Hurt The Redskins

FedEx Field (credit: Bernard Gagnon)

One of the largest questions looming over the Washington Redskins that Chuck Carroll presents is; “How in the world is this cash strapped team going to improve next season giving the fact they can’t go out and make a splash in free agency?”

Adam Carriker fields the question with great insight as to why the Redskins shouldn’t be counted out or overlooked coming into the next season. The Redskins go through this cash strapped free agency due to the second, and final year, of the their salary cap hit, but people need to remember that last year they took the same hit and still were NFC East Champions.

Also, Adam reminds everyone by saying, “As I look at our team, we got just about everyone coming back that we had last year with the exception of a few minor changes. But the one big difference we’re going to have a healthy Brian Orakpo, we’re going to have a healthy Brandon Meriweather, we’re going to have a healthy Adam Carriker […].”

By simply getting back key players from injuries or suspensions on both sides of the ball, it would be viable to think that a team that went on a 7-game winning streak to make the playoffs would only get better. Adam and Chuck both agree things are definitely not as bad as some of the press that’s been circulating the sports networks.

Another key aspect from this quiet free agency that Chuck points out: continuity.

All the players are familiar with one another, there’s trust and comradery already established in the locker room which goes a long way on the football field. This penalty cap could almost prove to be a blessing for the Washington Redskins, forcing them to take a path that they aren’t known for in the past when it comes to free agency.

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