Inside Story of Adam Carriker Restructuring Contract with Redskins

Adam Carriker

The Washington Redskins are facing a challenging free agency as they take another salary cap hit of $18 million as part of the league’s penalty for contact indiscretions during the uncapped year. Not only is it difficult to add talent, but it can prove difficult to pay those that are already on the roster, including our very own, Adam Carriker.

“A tweet comes across my tweet deck” says Chuck “and it says ‘Redskins highly likely to release Adam Carriker and Santana Moss.’”

This had Chuck quite distraught but luckily for Redskins fans, and especially Chuck, that tweet turned out to be false. Adam was already speaking with the Redskins front office and restructuring his contract in order to help out the team and their tight cap space. Even with Adam’s restructuring the Redskins remain to lay low in the free agency, and a concern is will it hurt them once the season starts?

“So we don’t have a whole lot of cap space, there’s not going to be a whole lot of new faces, but what there’s going to be is a healthy Pierre, myself, ‘Rak (Brian Orakpo), Meriweather, and Jack (Tanard Jackson) back, and then who knows what were going to do in the draft” Adam said about getting back players that missed out most of the 2012 season.

Chuck makes a great point noting that continuity is a very strong part of teamwork and Washington has kept a similar roster from last year, a year in which they were NFC East Champions. Now they get back important players on both sides of the ball, which is comparable to signing players through free agency, but there’s one thing those players would lack; continuity.

Despite not making a large splash in the free agency that they’ve done in the past, this cap penalty may actually prove useful in keeping familiar faces in the locker room, and continue to strengthen trust out on the football field.