Is The Redskins Name Racist? Do Players Talk About It?

Adam Carriker

Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll weigh in on the cries that the team’s name is offensive.

The Redskins are facing a lawsuit over their name from a Native American group stating it’s offensive/racist.

Chuck brings up a clause on trademarks stating, “you cannot have a trademark if the trademark is patently offensive or racist.”

Unfortunately for the team, this ordeal will continually drag on and could eventually be forced to undergo a re-branding.

Chuck, along with a large population of Native Americans that were polled, felt as though the name should stay as it is tradition.

Adam Carriker, being a Washington Redskin, understands both sides of the argument, but ultimately is there to put on the helmet and go on the field and attack anyone with a different helmet on, regardless if their name is offensive or not.

Even around the locker room, it’s an issue that’s not even discussed. They’re job is to play football, and that’s what they are focused to do — not mess around with politics.