London Fletcher Exclusive: Rehab Update, Reason for Return, Sickness After Surgery

Chuck Carroll presents London Fletcher with the WWE title as 4th & Pain Champion.

Leadership. It’s one of the most important intangibles a player can posses on a NFL team.

Luckily for the Washington Redskins, they have a few players on their roster able to lead the locker room. But there’s one player that’s become the shining example of a leader throughout the league.

A co-captain since the 2008, London Fletcher commands the Redskins defense on the field, off the field and in the locker room and joins Adam and Chuck to talk about his surgery, rehab and the Redskins.

London Fletcher Gets WWE Belt As 4th & Pain Champion

“It was probably about three or four hours after surgery the nurse came in and was like ‘We’re going to give something for your stomach for nausea, just in case.’ Initially I was fine, but it seems like an hour and half later it came out of nowhere.”
– London Fletcher on nausea following a recent surgery, the first of his life.

Adam and Chuck reflect on their memories from going under the knife and both London and Adam both had the same fear going in; waking up during the surgery and unable to communicate. Fortunately, London had both surgeries successfully which will help him in coming back for his sixteenth season in the NFL.

“What were the driving factors, the motivating factors, for you to return for this 2013 season?” asks Chuck, wondering what made London come back for at least one more season.

London still feels that there’s a lot of football left in him and the team has accomplished some great things and are on the positive swing. Also, the Redskins are returning 21 of 22 starters and London agrees that having continuity is important and getting back Brian Orakpo and Adam Carriker will be a major factor on the defense.

Switching gears from football to wrestling, Chuck asks who in the locker room, besides Adam, could make it as a professional wrestler? Adam definitely agrees with London’s Fletcher thought process on why he would choose Chris Baker, but then Chuck delivers a question that stumps both London and Adam.

Shying away from being a hero on the field, London would want to be a villain in the ring and use a linebacker tackling move as his signature move. Is it that much of a shock? It’s not that much of a shock to Adam but when London gets to question Adam, it definitely causes Adam to be thrown off guard.

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Author: Dustin Raymond — @draymond02