Redskins Offseason Workouts: MMA and Nutrition

Last week kicked off the first phase of the NFL’s offseason, the strength and conditioning program, and the Washington Redskins are taking full advantage of the opportunity. It’s the first time this year for many players to work out together and helps build up the team camaraderie. Adam Carriker shares insight on what’s happening at Redskins Park and how it feels like the first day of school all over again.

“It’s exciting to go to meetings again, it’s exciting to see a lot of guys that I haven’t seen since, honestly, September, October ’cause I was on IR doing rehab, I wouldn’t see these guys because they’d be at practice and meetings.” says Adam also sharing that they’re doing a few different things this year during the offseason program which peeks Chuck’s interests.

The Redskins have brought on board a nutritionist, which has Chuck laughing at the thought that professional athletes need advice on eating and dieting. Adam however, breaks down exactly how they go in-depth on how to fit specific foods and drinks pre- and post workout. Also, Adam is informed that having a meal high in protein two hours after working out is crucial.

After a few laughs, Chuck brings up how he’s heard that the Redskins have established sessions of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for the players, especially the lineman.

“This year we’re doing some MMA and I think it’s extremely crucial for lineman because a lot of what lineman do is with your hands. You need to get inside placement on the hands, you need to get the lineman you’re going against hands off you. That is a key element to a great pass rush and defending the run.” Adam stating that the MMA training focuses on core strengthening on the arms and use of the hands to overpower your opponent.

Also, Niles Paul has started some antics with Adam which may cause a steel cage match to happen at the center of the field. Chuck picks Adam to be victorious, but who do you think would come out with the Championship belt? Let us know via Twitter, @4thAndPain and as always, give Adam, @AdamCarriker94 and Chuck, @TheChuckCarroll, a follow!