Redskins Strength Coach Confirms Carriker Is Diesel

Chad Englehart

Adam Carriker prides himself on having the largest arms on the d-line and like all great athletes, he spends countless hours conditioning and lifting. Fortunately for Adam, and the Washington Redskins, they have Chad Englehart, who’s the assistant strength and conditioning coach, and Adam’s personal trainer. He joins the show to answer some questions that our followers have asked.

Before diving into the questions, Chuck proposes one simple question: Does Adam truly have the largest arms on the d-line? Without skipping a beat, Chad confirms the title saying, “Absolutely, 22 inch guns, it’s unbelievable, 23 [inches] at the pump, the guy is a machine.”

With Chad in complete agreement that Adam’s moniker is true, Chuck moves onto the questions asked by the fans and starts with a stellar question; “How can I lose my gut and grow my biceps and triceps at the same time?”

Chad has a simple but important answer; you have to break down to build up, meaning that worry about the diet first to lose the gut, then focus on building up the muscle. Added onto that question, the same fan asks what the best work out is for the pecs?

“My bread and butter on pec workout besides heavy bench or heavy chain bench would be fly’s. I’m a fly guy, I like the fly, don’t matter if it’s flat or incline I think that’s the best way to grow your chest.” He also advises to start with the machine and work your way up to the dumbbells.

Another fan asks about Jamaal Brown and his recent surgery and rehab which has Adam jumping in with an answer that no one will work harder then Jamaal to get back to full strength. Chuck then has a personal question in regards of his excessive skin from his dramatic weight loss and on how he can begin losing it without surgery?

“Obviously, start with weightlifting. Start with push, pulls, you know, total body workout exercises. I would get my butt into the gym” answers Chad but is unsure if that will completely remove the excess skin.

Adam has a question which could start a little debate within the Redskins, who is the strongest guy you’ve worked with? Chad, remembering who he’s sitting next to, states that it’s between Adam and Kedric Golston and even Adam states that some of the workouts that Kedric performs is quite shocking.

Wrapping up, Chuck asks the question that every Redskins fan wants to hear, how strong is Robert Griffin III?

“Robert Griffin III is a monster in the weight room. He’s honestly, a strength coaches dream to have to train. He obviously has athletic ability off the charts, impressive. He’s one of the most electrifying, explosive guys in the National Football League.”

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