Talking NFL with WWE’s The Miz: Redskins Are Clicking; Tony Romo Not Elite

The Miz

While venturing around backstage before a recent Monday Night RAW, Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll bumped into an good friend and great wrestler, The Miz, or as how he would introduce himself: “The soldier seduction, the demon of desire, the emperor of excellence, the personification of perfection, the grand mizard of lust, the awesome one, The Miz.”

Chuck goes straight for the jugular with his opening question on fantasy football, and asks The Miz, how his fantasy football team did last year. The Miz breaks down where he went wrong in his drafting and how injuries really crippled his lineup all year long, especially his wide receiver corp. Also, he hopes not to repeat his mistakes in this year’s coming fantasy football league(s), and gets a strong quarterback.

“I like Tony Romo, I think he’s a top 10 quarterback, but I don’t think he’s elite,” answers The Miz when Chuck asks him his thoughts on the huge contract the Cowboys quarterback recently signed.

While on the topic of large contracts, The Miz isn’t sold on Joe Flacco, especially when it comes to the regular season and gaining points in the fantasy football leagues. He’d rather have Romo over Flacco when it pertains to fantasy points, while Adam has a different feeling on Romo whenever he has to face him directly on the football field.

Wrapping up, Chuck has to ask, How will the Redskins fare in 2013 and will they repeat as the NFC East Champs? (Remember, Adam is sitting right there.)

“It seemed like they finally starting to click and Redskins seemed like a team that makes moves in the offseason. They know how to draft well and I think they are an up and coming team that are going to be making some moves,” he said.

Flipping the tables, The Miz gets to ask a question to Adam, and quick on the tongue, The Miz wants to know whose Adam’s favorite quarterback to sack, and whose the easiest? Adam has some anger stowed away for Tom Brady for pulling a move on him but the real question is, will Adam have his chance to seek his revenge?

Thanks to The Miz for joining 4th and Pain for an interview, and the best of luck in his future matches!

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