RGIII, Shanahan and Andrews’ Comments a Case of Much Ado About Nothing?

RGIII is presented with the WWE title belt as 4th & Pain Champion by Chuck Carroll.

The Washington Redskins are no newcomers to controversy in the media and recent statements between Coach Shanahan and Robert Griffin III have begun a disputation according to the sports news outlets. Chuck Carroll reads off a few statements concerning Robert Griffin III’s knee injury that has been skewed as a blame game, while Adam doesn’t perceives the various statements to be pointing fingers to any specific person.

“I don’t think so because we’re working together, we’re all working as a unit and we’re not going to achieve the playoffs, the NFC title as Super Bowl Championship with division and cracks in what were trying to build in our foundation so I don’t think that’s at all what’s happening,” Adam remarks regarding RGIII’s recent statement about responsibility for his injury.

Chuck’s viewpoint is a little different from Adam’s although he does understand that a player will continue to try and play even while hurt, you can’t fault him on that. However, Chuck see’s it as a shot towards Coach Shanahan and Dr. Andrews when RGIII said, “my responsibility is within the dilemma that led to me having surgery to repair my knee and all parties involved know their responsibilities as well.”

“As a coach, as a doctor, no matter how much you want your star player out there, no matter how much that star player want’s to be out there, it’s your job to protect that player, you can’t risk further injury” says Chuck while explaining his viewpoint on the matter. Adam still doesn’t agree, and RGIII is just saying we’re all in it together.

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