Ask Adam: Ever Had a Concussion? How’s The Secondary? Which Coach’s Office Do You Want to Trash?

It’s time for Adam Carriker to put on his thinking cap and answer some of your questions that have come across the Twitter feed in our “Ask Adam” segment. This week, Adam gets to talk about concussions, the Washington Redskins secondary, office trashing and more! Here are this week’s questions:

I’ve noticed Dolph Ziggler has suffered a concussion this past week. Have you ever had one and what’s it like?


How confident are you in the secondary with the new additions? Are we going to be a force and force a bunch of turnovers this year?


Something sinister is afoot at WWE. Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar trash Triple H’s office up at the WWE Headquarters. It got me a thinking, what coaches office would you like to trash?


I remember your interview with Kofi Kingston where he gets mistaken for RG3. Who do you get mistaken for?


Can I get some meet and greets with some of the most badass players in the NFL?


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