Ask Adam: Injury Update, Tim Tebow’s NFL Future, WWE Tapping NFL Talent

Each week on 4th & Pain, Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker fields various questions from our listeners covering all aspects of the NFL and the WWE. This week’s questions primarily focus on WWE but there’s one question in particular that every Redskins fans are wondering, will Adam Carriker be ready for week 1 of the NFL season?

Here are the questions that you’ve asked:

Kevin Bailey
“Clearly Tim Tebow is a positive personality for the NFL, where is he going next and how can they use him more effectively?”

William Wade
“Will the strongest man in the NFL be ready week 1? We need you Adam! HTTR!”

Noah Hoffman
“How long does this Shield reign over the WWE last? These guys have kept the company afloat since Wrestlemania.”

Noah Hoffman
“What is the post extreme rules story line? Where does the company go with The Shield on top/Ryback vs Cena is finally settled?”

Noah Hoffman
“How mismanaged was this whole Fandango thing? His character is odd yet crowd latched onto him initially, now an afterthought.”

Noah Hoffman
“Do you think CM Punk will return for Payback in Chicago and what will his role be?”

“Do you like the idea of Brock vs Taker or Rock? Rather see Brock fight Sheamus, Mark Henry, Big E, but mostly CM Punk.”

“When is CM Punk coming back?”

Horhay Blanco
“My original question was which NFL player do you think would be the best WWE wrestler? Also, thoughts on Curtis Axel?”

Horhay Blanco
“Also which player would he most want to be on a tag team with & which wrestler would Adam most want to wrestle against?”

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