Ask Adam: Thoughts on Redskins Draft, Time at Nebraska, Gameday Meals and Classic Wrestling

Our ‘Ask Adam’ segment, where our listeners can ask Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker anything, has become one of the premier segments here on 4th & Pain. Now that there’s multiple ways to ask Adam your questions, co-host Chuck Carroll and Adam Carriker have been bombarded with questions and even just shout-outs.

This weeks questions vary from Redskins football to the WWE and even one regarding what Adam likes to eat on the morning of game days? I bet you it’s not a stack of pancakes!

Patrick A. Farrell
“What are the health status of the former Nebraska Cornhuskers that are current Washington Redskins?”

Chris Anthis
“Where can we find 4th & Pain at? Me and my brother also have a podcast show on called ‘BroSports’. Exited to hear your show!”

Chris Anthis
“How do you think the Redskins did in the draft compared to other NFC East teams?”

Michael Redskin
“Whats your opinion on the Shanahan/Allen (GM) combo and what can we expect in the future? HTTR!”

“HTTR Love! I can’t wait for you to get back on the field.”

Jason Fornwalt
“Hope you’re well too, AC. Can’t wait to see you back on the field, brother. Speaking of “brother.” Who’s the worst completely-over wrestler of all time, in your opinion? Hogan? Cena? God forgive me for saying this….Ric Flair? And along the same lines, who’s the best ring worker that didn’t get the push you think he deserved? HTTR!”

Rodney Vlcek
“What is your opinion on the rule changes regarding hits on defenseless players and now, running backs lowering their heads? How is it affecting aggressive defensive play? Thank You!”

Tim Zorn
“I would like to know what sort of thing you have for breakfast on game days? …and any funny stories related to the subject?”

Bo Prince
“Ultimate Warrior vs Sting….who wins?”

Sam Wilson
“How the hell ya been Adam? And how’s the family?”

Thanks to everyone who submitted their questions, and as always, submit your questions via Twitter, @4thAndPain using the #AskAdam tag. Also, you can now call the Ask Adam hotline and leave a message, just call 703-537-5098! Also, make sure to follow Adam, @AdamCarriker94 and Chuck, @TheChuckCarroll!