Would Ryback Have Been As Popular As Goldberg In WCW?

Goldberg (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Ryback has turned into a popular basis of discussion here on 4th and Pain, and has been gaining more attention throughout the wrestling media. The one topic that keeps popping back up is the comparison between Ryback and Goldberg but could Ryback been as big of a superstar as Goldberg was back in the WCW?

“Would Ryback been able to do what Goldberg did if it were he, and not Goldberg, in WCW at the height of the Monday Night War era?” – asks Chuck, wondering what Adam’s thoughts were on the whole Ryback and Goldberg comparison.

Adam starts out by pointing out how explosive Goldberg was in the ring, and how he really never used the mic to get a point across, he let his actions in the ring do the talking. Also, Adam isn’t much of a fan of Ryback when he gets on the mic, proclaiming that his mic skills are average at best.

“To me he’s [Ryback] not as explosive, not as charismatic at this point anyways. He’s still very young, he can learn and get better but the thing to me is that was Goldberg . . . he just went out and ran over people like he was playing football.” – Adam discussing how Ryback appears to be someone whom he’s not in the ring.

Adding to that fact, Chuck sums up the whole discussion in one simple sentence; “Ryback is not Ryback in real life, Goldberg is Goldberg in real life.” Ryback prepares himself if he were just someone on the set of a movie getting ready to play a character whereas Goldberg was always fired up, smashing his head on a locker to pump himself up.

In the end, Chuck and Adam do agree, which calls for a celebration, that Ryback wouldn’t have reached the height that Goldberg did in the WCW. Do you agree or do you think Ryback has what it takes to match Goldberg at the peak of his wrestling?

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