Jarvis Jenkins Interview: Knee Much Better; Wants LeRibeus vs. Baker Wrestling Match

Jarvis Jenkins

The Washington Redskins 2012 season could have been heralded as the “Season of Injuries”, but fortunately there was great depth at each position. The defense suffered a barrage of injuries but a few young players got a chance to showcase their skills and prove their value on the roster. Jarvis Jenkins, 2011′s second round pick, filled in throughout the season and joins Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll on 4th and Pain to talk about his experience.

“I got hurt my rookie year so it was kind of like my first year. To be honest, it kind of felt like back in college you know, your first college game, the game speed is fast but more cautious because one mistake can cost the team on this level. I took it a little more serious, I learned from the older guys.” – Jarvis talking about the differences of college and NFL.

Chuck asks Jarvis on how this offseason has differed from last years when he was essentially a rookie, despite it being his second year in the league, due to his injury. He mentions how the first year is more about strength and become more athletic to compete at the higher level, whereas the second year can be more focused on learning schemes and moves to become more of a pass rusher.

When discussing Jarvis’s knee, Adam asks how he’s been feeling now that it’s been about a year from his injury. Ecstatic, Jarvis exclaims, “Oh my goodness, you have no idea!” He’s also extremely confident about what the Redskins are capable of doing in the 2013 season.

Switching gears from football to wrestling, Jarvis points out it has been awhile since he’s tuned into the WWE, but he was a big fan of The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Chuck is quick to point out that he didn’t mention Mark Henry because Jarvis proclaims that people have said that he and Mark Henry look similar back in middle school.

“If I had to choose, Chris Baker versus LeRibeus [Josh].” – Jarvis answers Chuck’s and Adam’s question on who he would like to see duke it out from those in the locker room. As for the winner; LeRibeus but Adam disagrees believing Baker would come out victorious.

At the end of any interview here on 4th and Pain, the guest always gets to ask Adam anything they want, and Jarvis would like to know, if before breaking into football, would he have gone into professional wrestling? Without hesitation, Adam says there’s no doubt football was the obvious choice.

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