NFL Rookie Mini Camp: ‘You Will Die From Exhaustion’

Even though the NFL season doesn’t officially kick off for a few months, the first of many offseason camps has already taken place. Last weekend, the Redskins welcomed the latest crop of freshman to Ashburn for rookie mini camp.

Adam Carriker goes in-depth as to what exactly the rookies were facing during the 72-hour affair.

“A rookie mini camp is Friday, Saturday, Sunday, it’s three days. It used to be two days, twice a day but they have a regular practice without pads in the morning, they have meetings before and meetings after, there’s lifting somewhere in there and then they have a second practice, which is a non-contact walk through,” explains Adam.

Of course there’s a lot more to it.

After a thorough explanation Adam delves into his own personal experience of his rookie mini camp that took place before the new CBA was instated. When he first arrived to the training camp he received mixed reviews as to what to expect; some said it was very easy while others simply said, “you will die from exhaustion.”

“We have 22 guys, 11 on offense and 11 on defense. A typical NFL practice is 2 to 2 ½ hours, so we did a normal NFL practice but without 100 guys like you do in training camp. Oh, you’re getting plenty of reps. It decided to be over 100 degrees and humid.” – Adam discussing the not so pleasant situation of his rookie mini camp.

Adam can only explain it as one of the most horrific experiences of his NFL career all thanks to a few coaches he dealt with over in St. Louis. Unfortunately, that same coach, Jim Haslett, is the Defensive Coordinator for the Redskins. It seems as though Adam just can’t get away.

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