Pierre Garçon Talks Sitting Ringside at WWE, Redskins Offseason

Pierre Garçon getting the 4th & Pain/WWE Title from Chuck Carroll at Redskins Park.

The Washington Redskins took the NFC East by storm last year by winning seven straight games to become the NFC East Division Champions. Everyone on the team came together and played like a well oiled machine and a few newly acquired players proved their worth, especially Pierre Garcon. Even playing through an injury, he managed to average 14.4 yards a reception and he joins Adam and Chuck to talk Redskins football and his experience at a Monday Night Raw event.

“It was just a few weeks ago that you joined Adam and I at Monday Night Raw at the Verizon Center and that was your first wrestling experience, how was that for you?” – Chuck asks Pierre to share his experience at his first ever wrestling match.

Pierre really enjoyed the whole atmosphere of the arena and see the crowd really involved with the wrestlers. Plus he sat right next to the ring so he got to see the matches and wrestlers close up. When asked by Adam who he thought was the most athletic fit of the wrestlers only one name came to mind; The Rock.

“I really felt bad for you, it was about two thirds through the show and you got absolutely drenched by some drunk guy’s beer. Pierre took a bath in Budweiser.” – explains Chuck with Adam asking how did Pierre compose himself after that?

Unfortunately, Pierre couldn’t do what he wanted to do, so he just kept calm and realized it wasn’t worth interrupting the show for the crowd over some drunk guy. Why risk the possibility of further repercussion over some drunkard, plus Chuck managed to get revenge. After discussing the horror story of the beer bath, Adam and Chuck change the mood by talking football.

“It was great having the whole team back together, see the guys, see the guys that are new. We got a young team on the field. . . We are a lot better on offense, not starting from fresh plus we got film to go back and watch and see what we need to improve on.” – Pierre talking about the beginning of the conditioning training and being with the team again.

Chuck mentions that MMA training is part of the Redskins conditioning program and Pierre, like Adam, talks about how it helps with the hands. If jammed up at the line by a defensive back, it’s easier to break off and get open for a reception.

Wrapping up, Pierre gets to ask Adam any question and Pierre wonders what Adam will be doing once his football career comes to an end? Wrestling? Adam says he’s to dedicated to football and will play until he’s physically unable to which means he wouldn’t be able to handle wrestling due to how demanding it is on a wrestlers body.

What would you have done if you were drenched in Budweiser like Pierre? Let us know and let us know what you thought about hearing from Pierre Garcon about conditioning training, via Twitter, @4thAndPain.

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