Roman Reigns Interview: I Want To Be Top Guy In WWE

by Dustin Raymond

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns have overtaken the WWE by force as The Shield. Ambrose currently possess the United States Championship while Rollins and Reigns possess the Tag Team Championship. Reigns joins Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll to talk about the WWE and his time playing football.

“My NFL career was like a hiccup, especially compared to Adam’s, but it was a good experience to see the (pro) level and to see how things are run there compared to college. Going from the gridiron to the squared circle, it hadn’t been too rough of a transition. They’re both very physical sports,” Reigns said regarding his change in professions.

Adam knows from his experience in the NFL — and from being an avid wrestling fan — how similar in terms of athleticism the two sports are, so he wants to know from Reigns what are some of the key differences?

One of the key differences for Reigns is how certain players in football, such as defensive lineman, are shadowed by the more popular positions, where as in wrestling, each wrestler can obtain time in the limelight. Adam understands the situation, but is quick to remind his high school days as quarterback.

“I’m going to have to go with wrestling, just for me. It’s really physical and there’s no offseason, you know, we’re traveling year in and year out,” Reigns responded when asked which is tougher. “I know the NFL season is pretty long, 16 to 17 weeks especially if you make the playoffs but with wrestling were on pretty much on 300 nights a year.”

Reigns sided with the WWE grind mainly due because of traveling and wrestling matches almost every night.

Switching things over to more of a personal side of wrestling, Chuck wants to know if Reigns has any desire to be a singles wrestler? Without any hesitation, Reigns definitely would like the chance to go out on his own, to achieve the ultimate goal as the WWE Champion. As for the time frame, he can only say that The Shield is the stronger than ever, but stay tuned.

Lastly, Reigns mentions that he closely followed Bret Hart while growing up despite his style being quite different.

Would you like to see Roman Reigns become a singles wrestler or favor him to stick with The Shield forever?

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