What If the WWE Had an NFL Team? (Offense)

The Shield

The Shield – Courtesy WikiMedia

by Dustin Raymond

What if the NFL and the WWE were to combine forces and create a new expansion team composed of wrestlers? Here’s a breakdown of which wrestlers would fill each necessary position on offense:


Quarterback Dean Ambrose – He’s emerged as the de facto leader of The Shield and leadership quality is important for the general of the offense. His quicknessand ability to read his opponent in the ring could translate well when under center.

Running BackKofi Kingston – While speaking with 4th & Pain, he mentioned his quick speed (take down RGIII?) and has showcased his agility in the ring. A quick burst of speed and slipping through the tackles to get into the open field could prove deadly.

Full Back Rob Van Dam – Small but bigger build then those at the same height would help inflict damage to those willing to try to tackle Van Dam. He’d be able to lower his shoulder and plow through for a few extra yards.

Wide ReceiverRandy Orton – The same physique as Calvin Johnson would prove useful while trying to isolate the ball from tight coverage. Imagine the use of RKO to overcome defenses to catch the ball over the top of the defensive back. It might be worth the 15 yard penalty if Orton mistakes the player for the ball.

Wide ReceiverThe Miz – A little smaller build then Orton, but also could fit the Slot Receiver spot and get separation in order to get the first down. In the ring, he’s used his ability to cut to get around an opponent to set up a move.

Tight EndWade Barrett – His height, similar to Rob Gronkowski, would cause headaches for the defense. He could get a nice push-off at the line for a nice play action pass and use his power to gain some yards after the catch.

CenterThe Great Khali – Although a bit tall and not as mobile as some other wrestlers, he would be able to use his weight to push against and hold the defender. A large reach and good power to help open a lane for Kingston.

Left GuardJack Swagger – A bigger guy at 6′ 7” but has the ability to hold his own which has been proven in the ring time and time again. He loves to use suplex’s and powerbomb’s which should drive some fear into an oncoming defender.

Right GuardAlberto Del Rio – Despite weighing in a little smaller than the prototypical guard, Del Rio has experience within the MMA circuit. He knows how to use his body and hands to overpower his opponent in the ring and on the field.

Left TackleBig E Langston – The LT position is vital for keeping the QB safe and Langston has the necessary strength to hold off any attackers. He’s benched 575 lbs and deadlift 799 lbs; his power would help keep the pocket from collapsing.

Right TackleSheamus – Despite being a little shorter than Swagger, he comes in a little heavier which is necessary so that he can hold his position while going up against a LB or DT. Also, he’s played Gaelic Football and Rugby so he knows how to use his power.

Stay tuned to see which wrestlers would round out the defense…an unexpected choice at who would play the Mike Linebacker.