Carriker’s Opens Up About Watching Redskins From Home / His Wife Thinking CrossFit / Dramatic Weight Loss

Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker opens up about the frustrations of watching his teammates at home while continuing to rehab his injured leg at home.

He also answer the following questions from Ask An NFL Player Anything

* How do you normally approach the first preseason game?

* How important is the first preseason game?

The Pulse with Angie Carriker: Training for CrossFit?
cue to 4:20

Adam’s wife Angie is thinking about training for a CrossFit competition. The snag is she’s still having lingering issues from her wickedly nasty finger infection and subsequent surgery.

Ask The Weight Loss Champion Chuck Carroll
cue to 7:50

A listener writes in to ask Chuck about a crazy all-liquid diet where a person can’t eat because a patch in their mouth makes them sick when they consume food.

Also, could Chuck have lost more 250 pounds on a program such as The Biggest Loser?

Weight Lifting Tip: It’s All About The Deadlift
cue to 9:45

The forgotten deadlift is profiled by the man with the largest arms on the d-line.

About 4th & Pain

Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker teams with radio veteran Chuck Carroll to host 4th & Pain — the only football and pro wrestling show hosted by a NFL player and a former wrestling announcer turned weight loss champion.

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