Chris Cooley Interview: Redskins Offense is ‘Cutting Edge’, Surprises As A Broadcaster

Chris Cooley joins 4th & Pain! Who says radio rivals can’t break bread?!

He and Adam re-live their sideline confrontation during Carriker’s first season in Washington. If you recall, Cooley was very vocal about Adam’s passion for wrestling!

In the meat and potatoes portion of the interview, Cooley tells Adam and Chuck Carroll about his transition from the field to the broadcast booth. Some things have caught him off-guard — criticism!

“It’s hard because everyone calls me a ‘stupid idiot jock,’” he said. “Aw, this guy’s an idiot. He’s the worst thing ever for radio. People really liked me as a football player and I don’t even get a chance to be a good radio person. So many people just hate me.”


On the football side of things, Cooley says the Redskins offense is on the “cutting edge” and revolutionizing the way football in the NFL is played.

“I think it will change the way quarterbacks are drafted, quarterbacks are looked at,” he said.

And then there are his thoughts on the tight end situation. Don’t expect a healthy Fred Davis to get bumped down the depth chart this year.

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