Exclusive Details on Redskins Park Renovations; Tebow’s Rough Start; Carriker’s Weight Lifting Tip

4th & Pain is back with a jam-packed Football Tuesday!

We open with exclusive details on the multi-million dollar renovations at Redskins Park.

One benefit to being injured, Adam Carriker got a sneak peak inside the revamped facility while his teammates are still in Richmond.

Here are the highlights.

Cafeteria and Kitchen

Flame from new oven lights up Redskins logo
Six different types of chefs
Juice Bar
Protein Bar
Pasta Bar
Fruit section
Sandwich section
A pad for players to look up nutrition facts to gauge what they need to eat
Menu of the day
New nice chairs and tables

Carriker says the developers were most excited about the team logo on the oven.

“When the fire comes up it lights up the Redskins logo and just looks extremely cool,” he said.

Prior to the upgrades, Carriker says the cafeteria was a basketball court with folding chairs.

Training Room

Underwater treadmill
Giant cold tub
Giant hot tub
New shower and bathroom for coaches

Weight Room

Expanded to allow for more room
New platforms for squats, clean and dead lifts
Softer floor, which is better for joints during lifts


The “whole back part of the building” has been removed and replaced with glass from top to bottom.

Carriker says it’s 10 times nicer and much more motivating to look out through the glass and see the practice fields at Redskins Park rather than stare at a wall or a TV.

Photos were not immediately available out of respect to the team.

Tim Tebow Off To Rough Start

It’s no surprise to Chuck, but Tim Tebow is off to a rough start with the New England Patriots. When compared to the team’s other quarterbacks, he finished a distant third place statistically. Will he still make the 53-man roster?

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