Goldberg Talks New WWE DVD, NFL Rosters and Current Projects

During the 2012 NFL Season, special guest Goldberg joined Adam Carriker and Chuck Carroll each week for the 4th & Pain NFL Pick ‘Em competition.

Now, we welcome him back to talk about his current projects, reminisce about his days in the pro wrestling, his upcoming WWE DVD and even which wrestlers he would choose to piece together an NFL roster (we’ve done this recently). He brings up a few surprising names and a few wrestlers with backgrounds in football.

On the WWE DVD, Goldberg comments: “It’s not a collaborative effort. It’s something they are putting out, without me but it is what it is. It’s good to have any compilation DVD out there so that people can actually have one.”

On who he’d like on his fantasy WWE/NFL roster: “A number of big tough guys come to mind. Ron Simmons is the first guy I’d draft on my team, there’s no doubt about that. People know about his background with Florida State as defensive lineman. The guy was absolutely awesome.”

Goldberg continued to go after all the tough guys such as Layfield and Lesnar. In the midst of choosing a wrecking crew of a team, Chuck asks Goldberg who he would pick for his kicker? Let’s just say the answer Goldberg gave Adam and Chuck a good laugh. Also, Goldberg isn’t too keen on Adam’s choices for tight end.

As with all interviews on 4th & Pain, the interviewee is given the opportunity to ask Adam anything they want with the last question. Goldberg, being a football player and an avid fan, asks which position Adam would like to play on the offense? Would Adam want to play as a fullback, or perhaps left tackle? Listen now to find out!

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