Adam Carriker Injury Update / Midwest Floods Hit Home / Top 3 Lifts for Football Players

Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker provides an update on his recovery process from a torn quadriceps tendon on today’s 4th & Pain.

It’s Wednesday which means we’re fielding your questions! We’re also joined by Adam’s wife, Angie Carriker, who tells us sadly that her family was affected by the massive flooding in the midwest.

Here are the other questions from today…

Aldon Smith
cue to 2:20

Aldon Smith kind of reminds me of the Lawrence Taylor situation. I just watched a documentary on him. Is it kind of shocking that this could happen in an NFL locker room and what do you think about sending an active player to rehab like that?
- Mike in Charlotte (via ‘Ask an NFL Player Anything on

Nebraska Prediction
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You said firing Bo Pelini now would be ludicrous and to wait and see how the year plays out. What is your new prediction for Nebraska’s season and how will it play out with Bo?

Joe in Ogallala, Nebraska (via 4th & Pain YouTube Channel)

The Pulse with Angie Carriker
Massive Flooding in the Midwest

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The pictures say it all.



Which Diet is Right?
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There are 18 million weight loss programs out there. I’ve tried them all. How do I know which one works for me?

Sara in Champagne (via Facebook)

Healthiest Food Chuck Eats
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What’s the healthiest thing you eat? Adam once said you only eat Alf Alfa sprouts.

Tom in Frederick (via ‘Ask a Weight Loss Champion on

Top 3 Lifts for Football Players
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In your Pumping Iron Tip of the Week, you explained the Top 3 lifts for football. You say close grip is more applicable to football than a regular bench, but what different muscles does it work? What other lifts can I be doing that are more applicable to football?

Billy – McLean, Va (iTunes subscriber)