Nebraska Bo Pelini Special with Adam Carriker, Will Compton and Roy Helu, Jr.

A special 15-minute roundtable discussion on Nebraska head coach Bo Peilini with former Cornhuskers and current Washington Redskins Adam Carriker, Roy Helu Jr. and Will Compton.

Below is an assortment of opening comments from the players. The full segment goes in-depth and runs about 15 minutes.

Roy Helu

You have to take it in context … Coach Bo is obviously a passionate guy and wears his emotions on his sleeves.

Leading up to the game there were a lot of people who were doubting him in the media and creating distractions, which happen often in Lincoln.

I just think (the leaker) had bad intentions, especially putting it out after this UCLA loss. It’s unfortunate there were so many expletives in it, but he’s definitely not the first coach to ever cuss.

Adam Carriker

When I heard this I wasn’t surprised with the content with the expletives. That’s just Bo’s personality, he’s fiery. … Life is not PG. Life is not cable television. It’s not PG what you see on (basic) cable television. Life is more like what you see on HBO.

I disagree with what he said about the fans. I don’t think they’re fair-weather. I think we have the best fans in all college football, and I’m not just saying that. … I’m more upset with the person who leaked this. That is a betrayal of trust. That bothers me more than the expletives, the fact that he said something in private.

Will Compton

It’s just at times it can be a huge roller coaster outside the walls of the football program as far as in the media, among fans. … It kind of creates a distraction.

As everybody knows, that’s Bo’s personality. He’s definitely not the only coach who’s like that. That’s just the reality of a very stressful job and being in the moment. The human being came out of him and he was speaking through his emotions on the sleeve.

It’s disappointing to see someone leaking that at this point in time when you have a big UCLA loss. People are already questioning the way the team is because of it’s kind of been the same story year in and year out. Then you have the whole Tommy Frazier comment.