Washington Redskins vs. Chicago Bears: 4th & Pain 4 Keys To Getting 2nd Win

Washington Redskins defensive end Adam Carriker and Weight Loss Champion Chuck Carroll preview the NFL Week 7 game between the Redskins and Chicago Bears.

Carriker’s Intro Promo: The Rock

It’s Rock Promo Week on 4th & Pain. Get ready to watch Carriker cut the most electrifying promos in all of sports entertainment radio!

Redskins vs. Cowboys Review
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Thoughts on RGIII who showed flashes of his old self more than any other time this season.

Thoughts on Alfred Morris who had the longest TD run of his career.

Thoughts on the strong defensive performance. What changed from first 3 games of year to last 2?

Thoughts on special teams which struggled mightily.

Thoughts on the “butt fumble.”

Redskins vs. Bears – 4th & Pain 4 Keys to the Game
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  1. The defense must keep improving
  2. Special Teams coverage units have to improve
  3. RGIII needs to continue to be RGIII
  4. Get Alfred Morris the ball more — need 20 touches or more

Pumping Iron Tip of the Week
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